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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dear Readers,

In order to bring you a more whole magazine, we think it important that you participate with us. Share your light! Bring your divinity to the page, to The Whole Person. There's a writer in everyone or someone you know.

Help us infuse The Whole Person with a part of you. Contact us about articles you would like to see published in our publication.


Tony Camacho

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Marina Rose
Bringing DNA Theta Healing to the Masses

by Tony Camacho

Marina RoseHere from the land down under to the streets of Santa Monica, from Actor to Healer. She moved from hair dresser to business entrepreneur. She is the Co-Creator with Vianna Stibal of the International Theta Healing Associating with over 300,000...

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The True Meaning of Love


The True Meaning of LoveTrue Love is unselfish and pure. When you truly love, you don't ask for anything in return. You simply love. It becomes your nature.

Everything you think, say, and do will be embraced by love.

These words are easier said than practiced, however, these words are true. You cannot love one and not the other; you cannot pick and choose, you must love everyone. Love is Universal; it is good feeling; it is compassion; it is patience; it is caring; it is forgiving; and it is all embracing. It is the mother, or female element of the Universe and necessary for all creation, giving birth to more good.

What the world calls love is mostly only affection or infatuation. Of course you will be affectionate to your loved ones. But Love is a sense of a higher degree, and you will always love relative to your place in unfoldment. Eventually you will outgrow, so to speak, the affection stage. Love is the ultimate, and it is necessary to reach your life's goal. Universal Love is giving, generous, unselfish, kind, trusting, and


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Inviting Love In

by Medium Hollister Rand

Inviting Love InWhen we've lost someone we love, whether through break-up, divorce or death, the door to our hearts can slam shut. Years ago someone I loved dearly, died suddenly in Paris (the City of Love). The irony of that didn't escape me. At that point of deepest despair, loneliness became my companion.

After years of being a conduit of love for the spirits, I turned my attention to being willing to receive love myself (from people on the earthly plane). I discovered love again, but only after consciously inviting it into my life again.

There are ways that you, too, can invite love in. In doing so, you
may find that it is easier to connect with loved ones in spirit as well as create...

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It's Time to Faith the Truth

by David Spetner

It's Time to Faith the TruthIn religious and spiritual communities we speak of Faith in God, as a belief we hold that God is real, and that underneath the turmoil of our lives, that Faith inspires us and helps us through difficulties.

Faith then is a flexible tool we develop inside, something that can wax or wane, and be raised or diminished. But Faith is actually more like an exercise and the way to build the Faith muscle is to work it out with several reps, every day of our lives.

God does not need our Faith because God does not need anything. We need our Faith because without it, life can become unbearable, meaning Faith can become a kind of crutch, holding us together and giving us solace during difficult times. But real Faith comes when we develop our Faith that God is a part of everything and everyone. Faith means looking at another human being, every human being, and having Faith that they contain the same spark of God that...

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