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Monday, January 20, 2020

Dear Readers,

In order to bring you a more whole magazine, we think it important that you participate with us. Share your light! Bring your divinity to the page, to The Whole Person. There's a writer in everyone or someone you know.

Help us infuse The Whole Person with a part of you. Contact us about articles you would like to see published in our publication.


Tony Camacho

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Enrique Villanueva
An Ambassador to Our Alien Brothers

Interviewed by Tony Camacho

Enrique VillanuevaAuthor of, I Lived 4 Days in the 4th Dimension, Lecturer, Hypnotherapist, Multidimensional Experiencer. A bridge builder to the other...

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Ancient Knowledge Returns Part 6
Remedy to Fix Mantra Meditation Mistakes

by Juleann Bukovchik Boyce

Ancient Knowledge Returns Part 6After 2,000 years, ancient knowledge and sacred texts containing immortal enlightenment information practiced by the highest masters on earth has returned west.

Last month I revealed a supernatural remedy for blocks and family karma but there was one major...

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Positive Passion
Seven Secrets to Loving Life and Work

by Marina Rose

Positive PassionEver find yourself gazing at your computer facing a 5:00 o'clock deadline, with fifty unread emails, a slew of unanswered calls, and a project in desperate need of inspiration, all the while thinking about your work simply as…well, work?

If so, then you're not alone.

Whether it's to reframe your current career or business goals, or to give serious thought as to why you're actually doing what you're doing in the first place, most of us have been there before. If you hear that fiery and passionate inner voice grow louder, than your conservative and play-it-safe voice of reason, then you know it's time to give pause, take stock, and...

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September 2014
Astrological Psychology

by Swaha Ron

Astrological PsychologyAries: 3/21 — 4/19

Get into a state of receptivity, on a worldly level now! All you have to do is to break free of the need to keep to yourself. You will have to face many demons from the past and yet what you will find is an aloneness in the light that is full and beyond your imagination! Holding on to the mechanical means of 'doing' a life, has almost drained all your resources and explains why you want to keep to yourself. However, the politics of modern life interests you and it is easy for you to discover what is behind a mask! You see right through one's presentation and thus you discover what is behind a person's mask. This siddhi is one of abundance that comes from a different quarter, normally and naturally without any effort. A mechanical method of approaching God/Spirit worked for you up to a 'point' and then there is guidance of another order. The true source of all that is, was and will be is reachable through...

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Today's Events

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